Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where did 2009 go?!

Wow it looks like I have missed an entire year, on this blog. I am not even going to try to catch up, just recommit to this blog and hopefully have more posts in 2010! Arie and Zoe are growing up way too fast, I need to put some of it down on paper with pictures or it will be gone and in my old age when dementia sets in at least I can go back and look at pics and read about what happened because surely I won't remember. ( I can hardly remember what I ate for breakfast this morning!)

The way the girls love each other is so precious. Arie is 4 now and Zoe turns 2 in May. Tonight, Zoe kept telling Arie, "go sleep sweetheart." Now just imagine it with a cute 2 year old voice. Zoe has grown out of her crib, and Arie and Zoe are both snugglers who like to sleep with someone, so I thought the perfect solution would be to put them in a bed together. They sleep together on a queen mattress on the floor. When Zoe is having a hard time going to sleep Arie sings songs to her, and when the screaming stops and I go in to check on them they are snuggled together, Arie's arm around Zoe. It is the sweetest thing! Arie said to me a while back. "I love Zoe, she brings joy to my heart." A couple of times I have been washing dishes as Zoe hangs on my land crying to be picked up, after some time she gives up on me and runs to Arie arms outstretched saying, "Arie, hold me." I am so glad they have each other, sisterly love is so sweet!